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September ’17 Top 5

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing my Top 5 for September. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Top 5 so I’m pretty excited about today’s post.

To start off, you’ll notice that this month’s list is Happy Planner related. Yup, I am now into the whole planner craze. Usually I use my traveler’s notebook as a “what I did today” type of planner, and my appointments and special reminders I keep on my phone. After seeing a couple of my co-workers with Happy Planners, and yelling “stay away from me with those!”, I ended up becoming one of those people who look for every coupon on-line to use on those freaking sticker books! And… one of the highlights of September was getting to meet Stephanie Flemming at the Pinners Conference in Arlington during September! I was so excited to show her my planner!

Even though I’m still playing around with my “planner style”, I feel like I’m already putting my planner to good use. I’ve noticed I actually do things if I plan it and write it down, meaning I actually cleaned my house this week! Well parts of it, but like I said, I’m still figuring it out. Baby steps.

September 2017 Fave

1. Me & My Big Ideas 2017-2018 Classic Happy Planner – Market Floral


I decided to go with the “Classic” size, and I love it! I felt like the Goldilocks of planners when trying to figure out what size planner to get. The “big” planners were pretty cool because of all the writing space but they were just too big for me, and I liked the new “mini” planners because it could fit in my purse, but it was just too small. The classic happened to be just right! It was a tough deciding what cover and design to go with but I ended up with the Market Floral. So lovely!

2. Tombow TwinTone 12-Pack Marker Set, Pastels and Brights


I happened to try these markers at the Tombow booth at the Pinners Conference and I immediately fell in love with them. I loved all the colors so I decided to get both the Pastels and Brights sets. The extra-fine tip is perfect for writing and the broad bullet tip is great for drawing on my planner.

3. Me & My Big Ideas Line It Up and Check It Off Stencil


When I first saw these I thought “what in the world is this?” But after doing some research and seeing that they were stencils to write lines and check boxes (or circles), I was in a hurry to go back to the store to get them. So now I get to have perfect lines, squares, and circles in my planner, all for only $5. Score!

4. Me & My Big Ideas The Happy Planner Page Protectors


Need I say more than pocket pages? There are pocket pages for the planner… pocket pages. Pocket pages is what I use to do my memory keeping, and there’s some that are made for the planner I’m using. And this is the whole reason I decided to go with The Happy Planner as my new planner. Truth.

5. Me & My Big Ideas The Happy Planner Classic Punch


If you’re going to have a Happy Planner, you have to have the punch, it’s a must! You can punch all the things and put them in your planner, need I say more? The Happy Planner people have seriously thought of everything!

So now, I get to check off the “write blog post” box on my to-do list. Yay me! Pay bills, mop, and put out Halloween decor will just have to wait. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!



Project Life

Project Life: August ’17

Hi guys! Yes, you are seeing this correctly, this is my August layout. I skipped June and July, but that’s because I haven’t made those yet and I was really eager to document our Vegas trip. To tell you the truth, I don’t even think I took any pictures in June… so I’m thinking about combining it with July? Not sure how I’m going to work around this but I didn’t want this to be the reason for falling more behind in my Project Life album. The good think is, there are no rules when it comes to memory keeping (what I like to tell myself when I feel like a slacker)!

There’s only one word to describe August, and that word is Vegas. The shopping, the food, the gambling, and the shopping, it was all so fun! I was able to use Color Cast Designs’ new release with this layout, and it was my first time using inserts from In A Creative Bubble!20170907_123544

All the inserts from this layout were from the Las Vegas Journaling Cards set. There are a lot of destination/travel sets you should check out for documenting any fun vacation.


Thrill Seeker is one of sets I used from Color Cast Designs, I love how it has wood and acrylic veneers, also perfect for documenting vacations.


And what vacation doesn’t start off with a drink? You can find the white “but first” here.20170907_123617

I trimmed down a  9×12 pocket page that had 4×3 pockets down to a 3×12. I wanted to include this selfie of AJ that he sent me and a couple more pictures of Vegas.


The “go, see, do” is also a part of the Thrill Seeker set, and “love this” is from the Yes Please set. Love these colors!


We spent a total of 5 nights in Vegas, I was weirdly ready to come home about the 4th night in, and now I’m dying to go back. Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!

Project Life

Kellie Stamps: August ’17 Release

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your last days of summer. Memes are starting to pop up on my feed of people ready for Fall/Halloween and Winter/Christmas, but I am all about the heat now that I live in a house with cental AC. Summer to me is having my son at home more so he can help me with my chores as I watch Ellen inside the house with the AC on. Tending to my garden by waving to it as I’m inside the house with the AC on. Watching my dogs play outside in my dreams as I nap inside the house with the AC on. And of course, my husband’s barbecue that I watch him cook from inside the house with the AC on. Ah yes, I will miss Summer!

Speaking of Summer, I was able to play with my Canon camera outside a lot these past couple of months. When my dog, Zoie, wasn’t running away from me, I used her as my model. The pictures happened to be perfect for Kellie Stamps August release!


Even though that is not something Zoie and her sister hear often, the Good Dog set was an ideal match for my pictures. And don’t worry, there’s a set for you cat lovers too!

I made my own inserts with the digital stamps and used some pattern paper I had from an older Messy Box kit.


I did a 6×8 layout for my next project and used the Hip Hip Hooray digital stamp set. I pulled out some PRETTY RECENT pictures of my thirtieth birthday party. And when I say recent, I mean like it was just yesterday we took these pics, cough… four years and a half ago… cough. Yeah, just like yesterday.


Just like the last layout, I made my own inserts. Usually when I want to design my own inserts, I like to search typography/editorial design in Pinterest. This helps if I can’t find the “right” inserts for my layout or if I’m just in the “designing” mood (meaning I want to play on the computer). These cards were inspired by a business card pin but you can find my Design Inspiration Pinterest Board here.


My favorite part of using these digital stamps is that you receive the JPEG and PNG files for each stamp and the PNGs come in black and white. This makes it so easy to use when I create an insert in Photoshop.


And there you have it!

I hope you guys liked these new layouts. I know this is a quick conclusion but I need to go and enjoy my last days of Summer right now as I get caught up on my DVR inside the house with the AC on.

Project Life

Project Life: May ’17

Hi everyone! Guess who decided to finally turn off the TV, get off of her lazy butt, and go inside her craft room to make a layout?


So here I am, BARELY sharing my May layout but that just means I’m catching up!

For this layout I used the Color Cast Designs Good Times set and multiple Push Print Studio inserts.


May is the month I bought my new Canon DSLR (I love saying “DSLR”, makes me feel like a real photographer) and luckily I took a lot of pictures of AJ and my nephew, Jake, playing. The “Good Times” acrylic was perfect for this picture of the two of them!


I’m happy with how I was able to get matching inserts that consisted of blue, green, orange, and pink. These are normally not my go-to colors but I love how they came together along with the photos.


May was actually a pretty good month and the reason I even remember it is because I documented a lot of it on my traveler’s notebook (refill 017). Because of this, I was able to do all the documenting for this layout pretty quickly. Yes, you guys, I need all the help I can get to remember things now (it doesn’t help that it takes me so long to do a layout)!


Love, love, love all the pops of color on these pages! I’m hoping June and July’s layouts will come together just as easy!

Hope you enjoyed!

Mini Album

2017 DITL Mini Album

So let me start off by saying I had no intention of doing a Day In The Life project. Why? Because the days in my life are boring, that’s why. Plus, the original date that everybody did this project on, was a weekday, meaning the majority of my album would’ve been me at my desk at work, the rest would’ve been me sprawled all over my couch, in my PJs (which consists of either my George Michael or Beyonce shirt with sweats and no bra (come to my house at your own risk!)), watching re-runs of Seinfeld, and maybe one page about my husband and I spending thirty minutes to an hour deciding what to eat for dinner. Not something I was jumping at the chance to document quite honestly. Then low and behold, my very persuasive creative teammates over at Kellie Stamps, convinced me to do the project with them on July 1st. Not sure how this was the date that got chosen but it fell on a Saturday so I figured why not? And now, check it out, my first project that I actually finished! Yes, first one! Completely done, with a cover page and all!

I actually had the idea of showing you the album in a video, but apparently my voice was not cooperating with me. No, I’m not sick/hoarse. It just sounded ugly.

A quick overview of my day is that I woke up, headed out to a vinyl store at a city nearby, went to a weaving class, ran a couple of errands with my husband, and then came home to relax. Doesn’t sound very special BUT, I took some really neat pictures that helped my album look like I actually do stuff (some weekends look like that first paragraph without the 8 hours at a desk).

I used some digital stamps from Kellie Stamps new release (available here in a couple of days) and I also mixed in some Kelly Purkey Stamps, which I also used to make embellishments. I used Photoshop for my journaling and some paper from Push Print Studio and A Beatuful Mess’ Messy Box.

Thanks to my GoPro, I was able to get shots of myself in the album. Most of the photos were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S8+. This is the first time I was a little sad to upgrade my phone because I loved my Galaxy S6 Edge, but I’m quickly learning how to work this new phone.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my album as I did making it! Thanks for stopping by!

(Day In The Life was created by Ali Edwards, you can read more about it on her website here.)