Project Life: April ’16 (Part 2)

Hey guys! As of right now I’m still working on Project Life layouts from APRIL! We’re already in August and I’m not done documenting April. Either time is flying by too fast or I’m lazy as hell. It could also be that I took too many awesome pics that month (Vegas!). Check out a couple of more April layouts below, and no these are not the last ones for that month!


For this layout I used Design I and Design H pocket pages from Becky Higgins. I also used the Everyday Edition Core Kit. For the 4×4 pockets I just grabbed some of my favorite 4×6 inserts from the kit and trimmed them down.


On this layout I used only Design H pocket pages and I used inserts from the Wander Edition Digital Kit and Everyday Edition Paper Pad.



I ordered a stamp set from Christine Herrin a while back and this card was included in the package and I’m so glad I kept it because it was perfect for this layout. Yay freebies!
I’m seriously trying to catch up because I have other projects I’m working on and I can’t wait to share those with you! Soon!

Lyrical Download

Hey guys! I started working on a little side project but never got around to posting about it until now. I wanted to create a free download of pocket page inserts just for fun. This was a fun way for me to get creative and kind of challenge myself with something new. I really hope you guys like these downloads and I would love it if you share with me any projects you do incorporating any of these inserts!


A little tidbit about me is that I’m obsessed with music so of course I knew I wanted to do something that involved lyrics (see if you can guess the songs). I’m a sucker for stamps, inserts, or embellishments that have lyrics on them so this was a no-brainer for me.


Let me know what you guys think! Hope you enjoy! (Click the bottom 3 links to download the PDFs.)

Lyrical 1

Lyrical 2

Lyrical 3

Lyrical (Page 1)

Lyrical (Page 2)

Lyrical (Page 3)

June’16 Top 5

Hello! I am finally sharing my Top 5 for June. For this month I decided to share some more of my favorite Instagram accounts. My December ’15 Faves post included 5 of my favorite accounts that were Pocket Page-related. This time I’m going to show you guys five other Instagram accounts that I love to follow and look to for inspiration when it comes to my Traveler’s Notebook. Just beware, if you don’t keep a Traveler’s Notebook, you’re going to want one after looking at these feeds!

June Top 5

1. Brooke

2. Jamie Waters

3. Theresa D

4. Tersh

5. Joy Chong

I love how the five of them have their own unique style, these ladies are just bad ass with these notebooks!

Well guys, thanks for checking out today’s short but sweet post and please feel free to share your favorite Instagram accounts with me!

Project Life: April ’16

Happy Fourth of July! I have been MIA this past month but by now you guys know my situation. I’m trying to look at the bright side though, instead of always being on my computer in the other room surfing the net, now I’m spending more time with my family – on my phone surfing the net. It’s all on how we look at things!

I should be posting my June Top 5 but because my last post was my May Top 5, I figured I should post some Project Life first.

For my first layout, I used the Becky Higgin’s Project 52 2016 Calendars Digital Kit again for my monthly cover and I also used the Project 52 2016 Digital Kit. I used my fuse tool for both pages, on the left page I fused the bottom of a Design H page (made a 4×6 into two 3×4). I also took a 6×12, the right page, and fused it into thirds to fit three 4×6 photos. This isn’t a very happy layout because it covers the ducks leaving and my childhood home going up on the market. Sad stuff, but it’s something important to me and as hard as the beginning of April was, that’s something I will want to remember.


On my second layout I decided to use the Wander Kit. I’ve used this kit before but I just love Christine Herrin’s style and I thought it went perfect with these pictures as well. The pictures on this layout are from the Stanton Old Sorehead Trade Days, something us West Texans look forward to three times a year. It’s a big craft/trade show with awesome food and the best freaking beef fajita burritos. Ever. Period. The end. In all the land.


I can’t wait to blog about the rest of April because I will be documenting about moving and going to Vegas! I’m just hoping we will be bestowed the privilege of high-speed internet very, very soon. Fingers crossed… and at this point my legs, arms, and eyes are crossed as well.

May ’16 Top 5

I need help!!! I’m in LAZY mode right now, so so lazy. So lazy that it’s taking me forever to write this blog post. I’ve lost my craft mojo and I can’t find it. Ok ok, I’m over exaggerating but I have been feeling motivationally challenged lately and it doesn’t help that my craft room is a complete mess and I can’t see the dream craft room I had once envisioned in my head anymore (drama queen).

Enough about what my husband would call my every day, I’m pretty stoked (new word I decided to try out, doesn’t feel natural to me though) about this month’s Top 5, it has stamps galore!

May '16 Top 5

1. Altenew Majestic Bloom Stamp Set

May '16 Fave 1

This just makes me want to make a card… so bad. By now you should know I love layered stamps and I haven’t bought this type of stamp in a while but I just couldn’t pass this one up! As soon as I saw it I put it in my shopping card and I’ve had no regrets. I cannot wait to put this stamp set to good use!

2. Concord & 9th Sophisticated Script Stamp Set

May '16 Fave 2

Here’s another stamp set I just had to get as soon as I saw it. I love this font and I think these letters fit perfectly together leaving you with letters/words that look like they were really handwritten in.

3. Kelly Purkey Tiny Victories Mini Kit (Designed by Brandi Kincaid)

May '16 Fave 3

I cannot get enough of this kit! Right now I’m just loving Brandi’s drawings, I follow her on Instagram and think Harriet and Paloma are so cute and clever (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really need to check Brandi’s Instagram feed). In this kit, you get alphabet stickers, two flair buttons, 12 4×4 inserts (back and front), and a full stamp set, which to me, is exactly what I want in a kit.

4. A Beautiful Mess A Color Story App

May '16 Fave 4

I was so happy once this app was available for android because you guys know I’m only using my Samsung Edge to take pictures this year. The app is free and you get a couple of filters for free but I went ahead and purchased all the filter packages since I’m obsessed with editing. My favorite feature of this app is the color fog effect, I like to fog the crap out of my pictures! I didn’t fog this pic but here is a picture of my girls that was edited using the app.


5. Christine Herrin KPxCH Brush Bundle

May '16 Fave 5

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw how excited I was to discover digital stamps. Why did it take me so long? I don’t know, I guess because I’m lazy. I had a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket and figured “why not give this a shot?”. This bundle is awesome and I highly recommend buying it if you’re into digital stamping. I plan on starting to incorporate more digitals in my Project Life layouts. Check out my before and after of one of my Vegas pics (most editing done with Light Room).


There you have it folks, my Top 5 for May. I may not be doing a lot of crafting but I’m still shopping, which is not always a good thing. I’m not going to lie, a couple of these things were bought online while I was in bed. So bad, right?