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January ’17 Top 5

If 2017 and I were in a boxing match, the score would be Diana: 0 2017: 1. Round 1, aka January, started off very positive, I mean I trained hard! But then I got over confident, I still held my own after a couple of jabs but then came the almighty upper cut! So dramatic! In all seriousness, January was alright, I have no reason to complain! Plus look at the bright side, I have a Top 5 for you guys! It’s been awhile, right?

This month’s faves are all about the products I will be using to document 2017 (I will kick your ass ’17!).


1. A Beautiful Mess Gray 9×12 Messy Book Album


TA-DA! My new album for the year! I decided to go with a 9×12 album and I loved this gray album from A Beautiful Mess. The inside of the album is a bright yellow, giving the album a pop of color. Sorry guys, I tried to link up the album and it is no longer on the website. Fingers crossed that changes!

2. Kellie Stamps Digital Month Pocket Page Cards


I feel like Kellie has done all the hard work for me with these monthly PL inserts. When you purchase the cards you get them in 4×6 and 3×4 inserts in JPEG and PNG files. If you’re like me and like to make intro cards to your layouts, like the one above, this set is perfect and ready to use for the year.

3. NessaSelwyn Metallic Taupe Travelers Notebook Cover


Using a monthly calendar helps me keep up with my Project Life documenting. So to help me keep up with my calendar I bought this midori cover, I mean look at that metallic color! You must check out Nessa Selwyn’s Etsy shop, it was really hard to choose which one to get.

4. Lamy Al-Star Charged Green Fountain Pen


I loooooove my Lamy pen! I already had a black one so I knew my next one would be a fun color. I had the major heart eyes when I saw the charged green color. Beautiful color, reminded me of a pear.

5. Jamaica Makes Reporter Acrylic Album


This year I plan to keep up with a mini album also. I’m liking using minis because this is where I really get to play with photos and Photoshop. This is the reporter size, which to me seems like you have to use it vertically, but I plan on using it vertically and horizontally. Should make for an interesting album!

It looks like 2017 will be well documented with the help of these items. I pretty much have no excuse to fall behind this year! Let’s get ready for round 2!

My Favorites

August ’16 Top 5

Hey there! I’m not sure if you noticed but I didn’t do a Top 5 last month because I didn’t buy much and I have just… completely run out of ideas… I need some help here! Thankfully, I was able to do a little shopping and I have a great Top 5 for you for August! But first, I am excited to announce that I will be a guest creative for Kellie Stamps for the month of September!!! How awesome is that?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kellie, her stamps, and her blog and this is such a huge deal to me! I think her creative team is awesome and I’m super excited to be a part of the group this month!


So let’s go ahead and get started with this month’s Top 5:


1. Mexicons Rumberas Coloring Book

By now I’m sure you know coloring books are all the rage right now and I wish I had the time to sit and color (I do but I’m just lazy). I’ve seen so many adult coloring books but just never found one that made me want to buy it, that is until I came across this gem. I follow Mexiconsart on Instagram (because I love anything Frida related) and when this coloring book popped up on my feed, I knew I had to get one! Now my problem is I’m too scared to mess it up with my bad coloring.

2. Push Print Studios Digital Downloads

Have you been to the Push Print Studios website? It is owned and designed by Caytlyn, who has amazing design taste! You can download a sheet of pocket page inserts for only a dollar!!! Talk about making your way into this cheap girl’s heart! I cannot wait until she releases her Fall collection!

3. Kate Spade Escape the Ordinary Rotating Stamp & Ink Set

I don’t have many rotating stamps but I knew this was one I needed to add to my small collection. I love this because of the fun phrases plus it’s just so pretty! It’s perfect for my Traveler’s Notebook, planner, or Project Life layouts.

4. Becky Higgins Everyday Edition Photo Overlays

I hope you guys were able to take advantage of Becky’s big sale recently because I sure did! I really didn’t plan on adding this to my cart but at the end I thought “sure, why not?” When I took them out to play with these overlays I couldn’t believe how good they looked on photos, I totally underestimated them! It adds such an effortless touch to your photos! With these, you don’t have to reprint photos if you don’t like what you stamped/glued on them. If you don’t like it, just take it off, no damage done to your photos. This is a must have for your Project Life layouts!

5. GoPro Hero4 Black
I freaking finally got a GoPro!!!! Major points to my husband who bought me one for our wedding anniversary (only took a year of me bugging him for one). This thing is so teeny tiny which is perfect for any outing. I’m hoping to get some pretty bad-ass pictures with this for my Project Life layouts! But for the meantime, here’s a fun video that I recorded with the time lapse feature of me putting part of my craft room together.

Could this mean more videos in the future? Yay or nay? We’ll see.

I am beyond excited for September! I still have a couple more things going on that I will share soon! Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!

My Favorites

June’16 Top 5

Hello! I am finally sharing my Top 5 for June. For this month I decided to share some more of my favorite Instagram accounts. My December ’15 Faves post included 5 of my favorite accounts that were Pocket Page-related. This time I’m going to show you guys five other Instagram accounts that I love to follow and look to for inspiration when it comes to my Traveler’s Notebook. Just beware, if you don’t keep a Traveler’s Notebook, you’re going to want one after looking at these feeds!

June Top 5

1. Brooke

2. Jamie Waters

3. Theresa D

4. Tersh

5. Joy Chong

I love how the five of them have their own unique style, these ladies are just bad ass with these notebooks!

Well guys, thanks for checking out today’s short but sweet post and please feel free to share your favorite Instagram accounts with me!

My Favorites

May ’16 Top 5

I need help!!! I’m in LAZY mode right now, so so lazy. So lazy that it’s taking me forever to write this blog post. I’ve lost my craft mojo and I can’t find it. Ok ok, I’m over exaggerating but I have been feeling motivationally challenged lately and it doesn’t help that my craft room is a complete mess and I can’t see the dream craft room I had once envisioned in my head anymore (drama queen).

Enough about what my husband would call my every day, I’m pretty stoked (new word I decided to try out, doesn’t feel natural to me though) about this month’s Top 5, it has stamps galore!

May '16 Top 5

1. Altenew Majestic Bloom Stamp Set

May '16 Fave 1

This just makes me want to make a card… so bad. By now you should know I love layered stamps and I haven’t bought this type of stamp in a while but I just couldn’t pass this one up! As soon as I saw it I put it in my shopping card and I’ve had no regrets. I cannot wait to put this stamp set to good use!

2. Concord & 9th Sophisticated Script Stamp Set

May '16 Fave 2

Here’s another stamp set I just had to get as soon as I saw it. I love this font and I think these letters fit perfectly together leaving you with letters/words that look like they were really handwritten in.

3. Kelly Purkey Tiny Victories Mini Kit (Designed by Brandi Kincaid)

May '16 Fave 3

I cannot get enough of this kit! Right now I’m just loving Brandi’s drawings, I follow her on Instagram and think Harriet and Paloma are so cute and clever (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really need to check Brandi’s Instagram feed). In this kit, you get alphabet stickers, two flair buttons, 12 4×4 inserts (back and front), and a full stamp set, which to me, is exactly what I want in a kit.

4. A Beautiful Mess A Color Story App

May '16 Fave 4

I was so happy once this app was available for android because you guys know I’m only using my Samsung Edge to take pictures this year. The app is free and you get a couple of filters for free but I went ahead and purchased all the filter packages since I’m obsessed with editing. My favorite feature of this app is the color fog effect, I like to fog the crap out of my pictures! I didn’t fog this pic but here is a picture of my girls that was edited using the app.


5. Christine Herrin KPxCH Brush Bundle

May '16 Fave 5

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw how excited I was to discover digital stamps. Why did it take me so long? I don’t know, I guess because I’m lazy. I had a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket and figured “why not give this a shot?”. This bundle is awesome and I highly recommend buying it if you’re into digital stamping. I plan on starting to incorporate more digitals in my Project Life layouts. Check out my before and after of one of my Vegas pics (most editing done with Light Room).


There you have it folks, my Top 5 for May. I may not be doing a lot of crafting but I’m still shopping, which is not always a good thing. I’m not going to lie, a couple of these things were bought online while I was in bed. So bad, right?

My Favorites

April ’16 Top 5

Hey guys! I am back from what feels like a mini hiatus. April was such a blur. We have officially moved into our new house. We’re still unpacking and trying to figure out our new routines but we’re loving it! My new craft room is nowhere near ready, just FYI. But… I’m envisioning it in my head and it looks fabulous (fingers crossed it turns out that way)!

We also just got back from our Vegas trip and it was oh-so-awesome!!! The casinos, the food, the concert, the shopping…. ugh, I didn’t want it to end. But, alas, we’re back in Texas and I have some great news. I was interviewed by the sweet Jess Forster for her podcast, Pocket Talk. The episode is available now on her blog and on iTunes. I yelled in the jeep (and scared AJ) when she e-mailed me asking for an interview. She has interviewed so many of my favorite memory keepers so I could not believe I was going to be on the line-up among all these talented ladies! Please go check it out!

And now on to my April Top 5! This month I decided to go with my top 5 YouTube channels, Memory Keeping edition.

Apr Top 5


1. Julimakesthings by Juli Maniago

I love Juli’s style and I also enjoy her Instagram feed. She makes pocket page scrapbooking look super easy, especially on video!

2. Kelly Purkey by Kelly Purkey

Kelly makes it onto my top 5 yet again, but come on, she’s freaking awesome and I adore her style of memory keeping. Her videos are just as fun to watch as her layouts are.

3. Stephanie Makes by Stephanie Bryan

I love seeing someone’s layouts/spreads and thinking “how come I never thought of that?”, and that is what Stephanie does for me all the time and it’s so inspiring to be able to see her make her spreads on video.

4. Amy Tangerine by Amy Tan

Amy has some of the best videos! They’re fun and vibrant and I love how she gives us little sneak peaks of her personal life. Watching her videos seriously feels like your BFF is video chatting with you.

5. Martu Alterada by Marta Andilla

If you guys haven’t checked out Marta on YouTube (or Instagram), you’re definitely missing out! While her videos are in Spanish, you can still watch and see she’s very creative and has her own style of memory keeping.

I hope you guys check out these YouTube channels and leave some love for these ladies.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s top 5!