Mini Album

Mini Album: Living the Dream

Hey guys! It seems lately that my craft mojo kicks in on Friday nights. I whipped up a couple of new pages for my mini album last night and I’m thinking that when I’m done with this, I’m going to have to make a flip-through video of it. I’ve decided to fill this mini with photos that didn’t make it into my PL album (I might have a couple of pics that make it into both) and fill it up with quotes/lyrics that I love.

I love playing in Photoshop, I wish I could take an Adobe class because I know there is so much to learn on that software. You can see here I typed out a quote (gotta love Pinterest) and I tried to make it look like the words are behind my silhouette, if that makes any sense. It’s one of my favorite things to do with pictures.


Something I’ve always wanted to use is acetate pages but I’ve never known how or where to use them. Luckily I have a couple of really neat acetates that I’ve collected from my Messy Box kits.

Here is a perfect example of why I’m using pictures that didn’t make it into my PL album. This picture of Shawn and me, I didn’t really pay any attention to it, I had completely forgotten about it. It’s a picture we took in the beginning of the year and we both don’t care much for taking selfies, but we did this day because we were excited about the framing going up on the new house. I didn’t bother with the pic because of Shawn’s face and I thought I looked goofy. Now, it’s one of my favorite pictures of us. It’s totally us. Even though Shawn is squinting because of the sunlight, he makes this face pretty often when I tell him I have an idea. And as for me, it’s nice to see a picture of myself every once in a while where I’m smiling. Mega heart eyes!!! Just like the digital stamp I used from Kellie Stamps.


I used a couple of PL inserts from Push Print Studios for my acetate page. “Living the dream” can pretty much sum up how Shawn, AJ, and I felt this year so this was perfect for my mini.


Here is one of my favorite pictures that I love to use on my social media, my messy desk. I love this picture so much, I took it for a quick Instagram post and I ended up using it as a cover photo for my blog, Facebook, Big Picture Classes, and Flickr. And also, who doesn’t love a Brene Brown quote?!


I seriously can’t wait to fill this up some more and finish it! Thanks for checking out my post today, I hope you enjoyed it!

Mini Album

Mini Album: 2016 Here and Now

Uh-oh, am I trying something new… and loving it? Believe it or not that scares me because when this happens, I get OBSESSED! And here I am, already obsessed. I am LOVING my new mini album! You’ll read more about this on my next post, My Top 5 for September, which I should’ve posted first but today I’m celebrating Kellie Stamps new release!

What I have decided to do with this mini album is to use all those pictures that didn’t make it to my Project Life layouts. Have you ever ended up with a really cool picture that just didn’t fit in with your scheme or maybe you took too many pictures and some didn’t make the cut? Well this happens to me all the time and now I have a place for them! Plus this is also a way to get more digitally creative.

For this first page I decided to keep it simple. This picture was from a flower arrangement at a bridal shower I attended a couple of weeks ago. I “light-roomed” it, added the 2016 with Photo Shop, and a Kellie Stamps Fri-yay sticker. Loving these stickers!


My second spread has the Kellie Stamps Happy Routine digital set galore! See what all you can do with a digital set?


And for the third spread, I decided to add some real stamping. The Happy Routine set is perfect for your everyday documenting, you can find pretty much any saying you need. The background paper on the second page is from Push Print Studios. If you have not checked out Push Print Studios, you are seriously missing out!


So what do you guys think, mini album yay or nay? I’m thanking a definite Y A Y!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fabulous weekend!