Blending Foam Organization

TGIF everyone!!! I am so ready for the weekend, I’m hoping to make a card for another challenge this weekend but first… I wanted to do a quick post about the way I organize my blending foam. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about organization this week and I wanted to throw one out there also. I love organizing my craft supplies, I mean how else are you supposed to know what supplies you’re missing and need to buy, right?

I recently bought my first blending tool and I went with the Ranger Mini Round Ink Blending Tool (I split this with my fellow crafty friend Angela). Because my Papertrey Ink ink collection is growing, I wanted to figure out a way on how to store my blending foams. I’ve seen a couple of people who like to velcro them under each ink pad but I don’t like how the PTI pads don’t sit directly on top of each other with foam in between. So I came up with this:

Org 2

Org 3

I created an excel spreadsheet (yes, I’m a nerd but I’m not going to lie, I love excel spreadsheets) with the names of all the PTI colors and made squares big enough to fit a piece of foam and made it into a PDF which you can download here: PTI Blending Foam Outline. I bought some Scotch velcro dots to place in each square to hold the foam in place.

Org 1

Org 4

I’ve mentioned before that pretty much all of my ink is from PTI and I’m still working on expanding my ink collection so this works for now.

I hope you guys have a good weekend, don’t forget to follow my new instagram account for The Lovely Pear. Thanks for stopping by!

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Craft Room · New Year

New Year Resolutions

So it usually takes me a while to come up with a good New Year’s resolution, only because I want it to be something fun and unique yet realistic. Even though I can come up with some cool resolutions, well… I just never follow through with them. Like 2014’s resolution, learn the choreography to Janet Jackson’s video “Rhythm Nation”, didn’t even happen, I’m sure I could have just googled it and I would have aced it, right? I also said I was going to do the money challenge where you add the same dollar amount as the number of week of the year you’re in to a savings account (for example week one, you add a dollar, week two, you add two dollars and so forth). That only lasted a couple of months because I kept dipping into my account, plus I really needed new cowboy boots. BUT THIS WILL BE THE YEAR that I will keep up with my resolutions!!!

For my first resolution…. I will learn the choreography to Thriller!!! Just kidding. No, I am going to attempt the money challenge again, I know, I know <insert eye roll>. I will ALSO do my best to keep up with this blog, though it’s mainly for my crafting hobby, I still want to keep it ME! And of course in order to keep up with The Lovely Pear I will have to get in my craft room more frequently.

With that being said, my craft room is AWESOME! It is my favorite place to be (other than in my Jeep <insert another eye roll>). My room is about 90% done, I’m still adding a few knick knacks here and there only because I love to be surrounded by things I love. Not only do I have all my craft supplies in here but also all my books and my whole music collection.


I totally took this idea from this pin on Pinterest. I just love these shelves. I have my vinyls on top, some funky stuff and Project Life supplies in the middle, and my Copics and the lovely Frida Kahlo on the bottom shelf.



I love a good inspiration quote and I really wanted a wall like this pin, but I couldn’t find anything like that at the local craft stores and I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for some that I would have to frame myself anyway so I just downloaded some pretty fonts and printed them. I bought frames at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale and there you have it! The wall is still a work in progress.



I don’t have that many wooden stamps and ink pads right now but what I do have I store in this old contraption I found in my sister’s garage.


My collection of clear stamps keeps growing and growing. I hope to some day be as organized as Jennifer McGuire (she’s the Oprah in the paper crafting world, believe me, anything she links to sells out quick!) But for now, because I’m cheap and impatient, I’ve been storing my stamps in 5.5″ x 8.5″ page protectors from Office Depot.


I found my “signature” pear stamp on Etsy from Cretiate. I love that hand carved look. Definitely my most valued stamp!


I got the idea for my craft table from this pin. All it consists of is a door on two 9-cubby bookcases. Pretty easy, right?



I store my adhesives, ribbons, vinyl, and special pens/markers in these paint cans. So cute and super cheap!


So now you see why I have no reason not to be crafty this year and not keep up with The Lovely Pear!

Not only do I hope for a year of fun crafting but also a a year full of peace, love, and laughter for me, my family and to you as well!

image courtesy of Thyme is Honey