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January ’17 Top 5

If 2017 and I were in a boxing match, the score would be Diana: 0 2017: 1. Round 1, aka January, started off very positive, I mean I trained hard! But then I got over confident, I still held my own after a couple of jabs but then came the almighty upper cut! So dramatic! In all seriousness, January was alright, I have no reason to complain! Plus look at the bright side, I have a Top 5 for you guys! It’s been awhile, right?

This month’s faves are all about the products I will be using to document 2017 (I will kick your ass ’17!).


1. A Beautiful Mess Gray 9×12 Messy Book Album


TA-DA! My new album for the year! I decided to go with a 9×12 album and I loved this gray album from A Beautiful Mess. The inside of the album is a bright yellow, giving the album a pop of color. Sorry guys, I tried to link up the album and it is no longer on the website. Fingers crossed that changes!

2. Kellie Stamps Digital Month Pocket Page Cards


I feel like Kellie has done all the hard work for me with these monthly PL inserts. When you purchase the cards you get them in 4×6 and 3×4 inserts in JPEG and PNG files. If you’re like me and like to make intro cards to your layouts, like the one above, this set is perfect and ready to use for the year.

3. NessaSelwyn Metallic Taupe Travelers Notebook Cover


Using a monthly calendar helps me keep up with my Project Life documenting. So to help me keep up with my calendar I bought this midori cover, I mean look at that metallic color! You must check out Nessa Selwyn’s Etsy shop, it was really hard to choose which one to get.

4. Lamy Al-Star Charged Green Fountain Pen


I loooooove my Lamy pen! I already had a black one so I knew my next one would be a fun color. I had the major heart eyes when I saw the charged green color. Beautiful color, reminded me of a pear.

5. Jamaica Makes Reporter Acrylic Album


This year I plan to keep up with a mini album also. I’m liking using minis because this is where I really get to play with photos and Photoshop. This is the reporter size, which to me seems like you have to use it vertically, but I plan on using it vertically and horizontally. Should make for an interesting album!

It looks like 2017 will be well documented with the help of these items. I pretty much have no excuse to fall behind this year! Let’s get ready for round 2!

My Favorites

August ’15 Top 5

Hey there! I hope you guys had a great August, I sure did and I can’t wait to get started on my Project Life layout! I am most definitely ready for Fall but for now I am wearing my flip flops and t-shirts as much as I can…

Anyway, on to the Top 5:

August Top 5

1.Studio Calico Mega Date Stamp

August Fave 1 I really tried to stop myself from getting this because I thought “why do I need a huge date stamp?”, but then I saw all the cool traveler notebook spreads and scrapbook layouts that people made using this stamp. You can see below the comparison in size between the mega stamp and the Heidi Swap stamp that I usually use. No joke, this thing is the size of my face.August Fave 1a

2. Kelly Purkey Reading List KitAugust Fave 2 I’ve been picking up my books a lot lately so I knew I had to have this kit as soon as it came it out. I love how you can rate and review your book with the stamp set and I especially love the cards it comes with for you to jot down your favorite quote from the book, plus you also get this in a PDF file so you can print more once you’ve used them all up. I did a test run with a book I finished early August, A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout. The cards are perfect for Project Life!August Fave 2a 3. Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi, 24 Color SetAugust Fave 3

I REALLY wanted this watercolor set back when watercoloring was getting popular in the card making world but I knew I didn’t need to spend that amount of money on them being a beginner. That’s how I ended up with the Peerless Watercolors. BUT, I just happened to find this set at Hobby Lobby and you know what that means… you can get it half off with their weekly coupon!!! Straight into my cart it went!

4. Lamy Safari Fountain PenAugust Fave 4

I’ve always had an obsession with pens (please tell me I’m not the only one) and I knew I was in trouble when I googled “Lamy”. I happened to ask somebody on Instagram what kind of pen they used for their traveler’s notebook and she told me she uses a Lamy fountain pen. There are different colors, types, and nibs to choose from, I happened to go for the Safari fine tip pen (black on black like my Jeep :D). It’s my first fountain pen and it did take a while to get used to it, and because of that any little piece of paper I could find has my name written all over it. Writing with this pen feels just like butta!

5. Pink Paradise Flair Buttons


My friend Angela and I decided to open up an Etsy shop, Pink Paradise, and sell flair buttons and hopefully down the line other types of embellishments. It is definitely still a work in progress but we both love creating and we are crazy about embellishments and thought “why not make our own?”

I love using flair buttons on my Project Life and scrapbook layouts, and the good thing about them is if you can also order these in pin-back or hollow-back!

I hope you guys enjoyed my list, I know I had a lot of fun spending money on these items! I also hope you guys check out the Pink Paradise Etsy shop, the link is below. Also, you can find me on Tumblr now, it’s more of a personal account with a lot of Friends and Harry Potter reblogs but also more personal photos.

Hope you guys have a great September!

Items mentioned:

Link to Studio Calico Mega Date Stamp:

Link to Kelly Purkey Reading List Kit: The Kelly Purkey Shop is down for maintenance, once it is back up I will post the link

Link to Pink Paradise Etsy shop:

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler’s Notebook Spread 1 & 2

Hi everyone! I’m so excited for today’s post, it is my first time showing off the inside of my Traveler’s Notebook!

I have three notebook refills, one kraft (refill #014), one monthly calendar (refill #017), and one grid (refill #002. I wasn’t sure where/how to start, I didn’t know how to make it my “style” (kinda still don’t) but I just wanted to start, somewhere. I did however, know I wanted to start doing a gratitude journal, again, and I hope to show one of those spreads soon but for now, I have two spreads using the grid refills.

I ended up deciding to use my grid refill as a random journal. I want to fill it with inspiring quotes and random memories/pictures. So of course, I wanted to add a Frida Kahlo quote, which you can see below. I printed a black and white photo of her and colored in her lips and shawl with highlighters. I doodled a little on it and practiced a little bit of lettering.

My family and I recently got back from a little vacation we took to Dallas, TX. We had such a blast and I really wanted to journal about a concert we went to. I printed a couple of pictures and I went online to find the concert set list and added those to this spread. I used Studio Calico’s Mia Alpha stamp set on here, along with my new Lamy pen (insert lovey-dovey eyed emoticon here, I LOVE my Lamy pen).


And there are my first two spreads!

I am loving my notebook, I’m always looking for random things to put in it plus I love the idea of jotting down certain memories that I know I’ll forget down the line.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my quick post, hope you guys enjoyed!