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Kellie Stamps January ’17 Release

Hi there! I’m showing off the new Kellie Stamps release for you guys. I’m on the “digital” team this time around and I am loving it!!! I love playing in Photoshop and using digi-stamps is pushing me to try new techniques.

For this layout I used the new Looks Like Summer digital stamp set. You can see I used a couple of stamps on my photos and I even made an insert to journal on, which helped balance the colors of this layout


I also used a sticker off of the Fri-Yay sticker set. Here are a couple of close ups for you to check out (yes, that’s me on the ground on the pic below after I fell because apparently I can’t jump…)




I used the numbers off of the Hello Sunshine digital stamp set for the cover of my 2017 mini album.


I actually had a hard time deciding on what to use as my cover photo but then I realized, what better than to use a peace sign and some Alanis Morissette lyrics?


I hope you guys check out the new Kellie Stamps release! I hope you got a bit of inspiration for digital stamping but if that’s not your cup of tea, both sets I mentioned today are also available in clear stamps!

Thanks for stopping by!

Project Life

Color Cast Designs January ’17 Release

Hi guys! I wanted to share a quick post about Color Cast Designs’ new release. There’s hearts, love, and stars galore! There’s a lot to choose from on this release and I loved using these wood veneers and acrylics on my layouts below.

So I’m actually sharing a sneak peak of my January Project Life layout. Here is my first page, I will share this again when I post about my January layout and I will discuss the various products I used. But for now, I want to show you the CCD embellishments.


The Today acrylic is from the XOXO set. I love that I was able to use this acrylic to describe this certain foggy and rainy day. We’ve actually been having quite a few of those (my fave). I also used the I’m So lucky To Have You wood veneer from the same set. This set is very “romantic” but I decided to use this on a picture of my dog, Zoie. I mean she and I will be each other’s valentines this year any way so… You dog lovers understand, right?


The Just Breathe acrylic was perfect for this selfie that was taken with my GoPro. The set this comes in is also called Just Breathe.


Here’s a full 8×6 layout using more of the XOXO set and the Love You More acrylic.


I love all the Xs and Os in this set, these fit perfectly on a Push Print Studio card.


The You’re My Person wood veneer and Love You More acrylic were perfect for this layout filled with our engagement pictures! I wish I had started Project Life earlier and used this as a guest book with blank inserts for people to sign. Imagine how cute that would’ve been?!


I was so excited to play with these new items and I can’t wait to see what everybody creates over on Instagram! If you have a chance, don’t forget to check out Color Cast Designs’ website and the #colorcastdesigns hashtag for more inspiration!

See you guys later!

New Year

Year in Review: 2016

Happy New Year guys! I know January 1st is just another day but the new year always feels like a fresh start to me. 2016 was full of ups and downs but yet I am very fortunate that my downs were not all that terrible. I went into 2016 excited and ready to tackle anything that came my way. This year I would say instead of excited, I am aware. 2016 was the best year I’ve had creatively. I was on the Becky Higgins Project Life creative team and did a guest post on her blog, I was invited to appear on Jess Forster’s podcast, Pocket Talk, and I was asked to teach a class at Big Picture Classes. I also made it into the Kellie Stamps and Color Cast design teams. I never would have imagined I would have all these opportunities, much less all in one year. Tomorrow, January 3rd, will be The Lovely Pear’s two year anniversary. That alone means so much to me, being able to continue my little blog that could. I have put in so much thought and hard work into this blog and it’s been worth it to me because of all the friendships I have formed on social media with my fellow creatives!

I’m not participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word, not because I don’t want to (believe me the want is there!), but if I was, my word would be “Freedom”. Maybe listening to a lot of George Michael has inspired this word, but I would choose it because this year I plan to free myself from any negativity. 2016 was one of my most stressful years, mainly because I let myself become influenced by negative people and negative thoughts. I even confided to my mom that I had been feeling very negative towards people and about life in general. I knew I had no reason to be/think that way and I was missing that happy-go-lucky side of me. Even though this was a rough year mentally, it really taught me a lot. I may be in my thirties but I feel like I’m still trying to figure it all out. It all boiled down to knowing and appreciating the positive people I have in my life. My family and my real friends, people who care about me and are genuinely happy for me.


Ok, it’s getting pretty deep up in here but I think you guys know what I mean and I’m sure many of you have been there.

So on to a more happy topic, I want to (re)share some of my favorite projects from 2016.

I’ve put a lot of thought into how I want to do my documenting for 2017 and I have decided to do a 9×12 Project Life album with monthly spreads and continue doing an “all about me” mini album.

At the end of my Year in Review: 2015 blog post, I shared my favorite picture that I took that year and I thought I’d do the same again for this post.


So instead of Freedom 90, this is Freedom 17. I hope I have another great creative year and a much more positive one and I wish the same for you! Thank you from the bottom of this Texas gal’s heart for taking the time to visit this blog and reading my posts!

Here’s to 2017!

Project Life

Project Life: May ’16 (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already?!? I can’t believe we’re already towards the end of 2016. I’m already trying to plan out how I want to do my Project Life album for 2017 and I’m torn between using a 9×12 or 12×12 album. Do I want to do monthly like I did last year or go by events like I did this year? What are your plans?

Even though I’m already planning ahead, I’m still trying to finish up my album for this year and I have two new layouts to share with you. For this first layout, I tried something a little different. This layout isn’t an “event”, it’s pictures that I took during the month of May that I didn’t plan on using. These are random photos I took so I decided to print them all out and journal on some inserts from the Becky Higgins’ Happy Edition. The handwriting looks nice because it’s not mine I used the Becky Script Font. I love how the pictures and journal cards all came together. Plus, I had really been wanting to use a Design J pocket page.


For my second layout, I documented AJ’s last marathon for the school year. I fused a 6×12 pocket page to fit a 4×6 and 6×8 photo.


I added a couple of stickers from the Kellie Stamps Fri-Yay sticker set and I used inserts from the All About Me Themed Cards.


So obviously I still have a lot of catching up to do! Fingers crossed that I’ll get all of 2016 done by the end of this year!

See you guys next time!

Project Life

Project Life: May ’16 (Part 1)

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been pretty busy this month and I HATE when I go more than a week without blogging! I’m really trying to catch up on my Project Life album because I’m only up to documenting through June, and yet here I am barely blogging about my May layouts. I planned on doing a Top 5 for August and well… that just didn’t happen. But hopefully there will be one for October? I know, I know… I need to plan better and learn to manage my time better. But hey, I’m an adult that sucks at adulting.

Anywhoo… here are two new layouts I did for May of this year. May for us was all about getting settled in the new house, no more moving/packing/unpacking, inviting everybody over to see it and…. AJ’s marathons. He actually did three marathons with his school running club or “track team” as he called it. Three marathons, which meant, three Saturdays in May I did not get to sleep in.

For my first layout, I used the 6×12 and Design H pocket pages from Becky Higgins. I also used the Project 52 2016 Calendars Digital Edition and an insert from the Stampin Up Hello Lovely Digital Edition. I used the fuse tool on the 6×12 page so that AJ’s running number would fit. I also made an 8×6 backgroud for the number using the Everyday Digital Paper Pack. Yay Photoshop! Also, I added some stamping with Kellie Stamps.


So comic book/super hero inserts or kits are something I never thought I would try out but look who happened to run in a super hero themed marathon? Luckily I was able to find the Super Boy Digital Themed Cards, which were PERFECT for this layout. Plus, it’s nice to have more than one pop of color on a layout! For this layout, I used the Design H and Design I pocket pages.


Fun Tired Fun times!

Before I leave you guys for today, I COMPLETELY FORGOT to share the last of my big news, but if you follow me on instagram, you already know. I have a class available on Big Picture Classes!!! Another reason I had been so busy was because I wanted to make sure I had good content and a good layout for this class. The name of my class is Pocket Prompts | 20. If you do not have a membership to Big Picture Classes, you can sign up and get a free 2 week trial! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!

See you guys next time!