Project Life

Summer Manifesto 2015 – Part 1

Hey guys! Summer is ALMOST OVER!!! I can’t believe it! It’s going to be Fall! This year is just going by way too fast for me and because of that, I’m glad I joined in on the #LittleSummerJoy class. This summer I’ve been working on my Summer Manifesto, pretty much setting (small) goals for the season and documenting it. I decided to do a small Project Life album for my manifesto, which I’m still working on. So today I’m sharing the first half of my album (hey, summer’s not over yet!)

I decided to use an 8×6 album and keep it real simple. I wanted to focus on taking better pictures and do better editing.

I love my cover page, it pretty much sums up what an ideal summer is for me, wine, a book, and my O Magazine. I made the “Summer Manifesto 2015” card on Adobe Photoshop, which I used A LOT for this album compared to my monthly PL layouts.

It was a little hard to come up with my summer goals because I never set goals for myself other than my daily goal: “be energized today and do something awesome!” which I fail to do everyday…  I set very small and simple goals, but if you’re like me, you hear the word “goal” and go into panic. So just doing this was a big goal in itself.

I typed out my 12 goals on vellum paper and made the whole layout with a picture I took with my phone of a funnel cake. Layouts like this are my favorite and I would’ve done every page like this but, come on, I had to change it up!

Goal #1 was to try different snow cone flavors… SO HARD!!!! I know I’m not the only person who gets cherry all the time and when she’s feeling crazy might get the margarita flavored one, right?

I took a picture of the menu and stamped next to the different flavors I tried (I should’ve written them down because I forgot all the flavors, oops!)


Goal #2 was to take more instax pictures. My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 had been sitting pretty on a shelf and it was about time I put it to use. I used Photoshop to make the “Pictures of You” card, you know I love to throw in a Cure lyric wherever I can.


Goal #3 was to finish “A House in the Sky” and goal #4 was to start a new book. I did great on these two goals because I was really hoping to finish “A House in the Sky”, because seriously, it should not take a year to read one whole book (another goal I failed). Well I finally finished it this summer and read not one, but two Harry Potter books and now I’m on year 3! 300 points for Gryffindor!

I took a picture of the books and added the dates I started them and finished them with Photoshop. I also took a picture of my “library” and stamped on a Studio Calico parcel tag using a Kellie Stamps alpha set.


I had a lot of fun with this two layouts. I normally don’t add any words on my pictures with Photoshop, I prefer to stamp, but I’ve been seeing a lot of “digital” stamping and wanted to try it for myself. I added sentiments to two pictures I took during the summer, one from Fourth of July, and the other from our Dallas vacation.


That is 4 goals down, 8 more to document! I can tell you I did not meet all of my goals and I know I won’t by next week but I did do other things this summer to make up for it!

I hope you guys enjoyed and will join me on the next one!


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