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December ’15 Top 5

Hey guys! I’m FINALLY posting my Top 5 for December. This time, I am posting my 5 favorite Instagram accounts that are Project Life related. But before I start, let me clarify, I have A LOT of favorite accounts and it was hard to pick only 5 and if I listed all my favorites, well, you can just see who I follow because I love all the accounts I follow.

I am addicted to Instagram. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the crafting community is so awesome and I love how everybody is so supportive of each other. I get a lot of positive energy from my fellow crafters on Instagram and anytime I need a little inspiration I can count on Instagram to get my creative juices flowing again, especially with the following five accounts.

Dec Top 5

1. Jen Carlson

2. Kari Stiles

3. The Urban Display

4. Azzari Jarrett

5. Emma

Just click on the links and see the awesomeness that is their accounts! Now this will most likey be part 1 because I have many more accounts I would like to share!

I hope you guys enjoyed and please, feel free to share any people who you look to for inspiration in the comments below!


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