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Project Life: February ’17

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share my February layout with you today because, well, it sorta kicked my ass this time around. January’s layout was just so easy to put together and I loved how it turned out, and with this month’s layout, I struggled a bit. Not much went on this month but thankfully we took a little road trip the day after my birthday to go ride our rzr side by sides and I managed to get a lot of photos with my GoPro. After having to just walk away from this layout a couple of times, I was able to finally put it all together and now all is good in my craft room!


This layout consists of a big mashup of Push Print Studios, Becky Higgins, and Studio Calico inserts. Sometimes that’s how it just turns out and that’s okay! I used inserts from the Everyday Daydream, Shine,  and Yes printable sets from Push Print Studios. I also cut down a 4×6 insert, from the Wander core kit from Becky Higgins, into a 4×3. The Studio Calico inserts I used were from paper packs and inserts I bought a while back when they had a sale.


I used Kellie Stamps’ Digital Month set again for my title photo. I was able to get this quick picture with my Samsung phone. Random fact about me, I downloaded Snapchat ONLY because I saw they came out with a Hello Kitty filter. I am OBSESSED with Hello Kitty!!! Other than that, I really don’t understand the whole point of that app.

Also, can you take a wild guess how old I turned last month?


Here is a close up of some of the Push Print Studio inserts  I used. I have been hoarding this insert that gives me tribal/southwest vibes. I love this insert and I thought it went perfect with our New Mexico pictures.


Because I had so many pictures of our small trip, I decided to cut down a Design V page protector from a 12×12 into a 4×12. I stamped the first photo using Kelly Purkey’s February Kit and I added a tab with the date. I finished this page with a chipboard accent from the Everyday Edition Chipboard Stickers and an insert from the Confetti Edition Digital Set. Here is the front and back of the page that I will be putting in between this month’s layout.


Whew! That’s a lot of stuff I used for this layout! Hoarding has it’s privileges my friends! And here’s one more thing to hoard, the journal card I made to document the month. Remember, just right click and select save.

February Journal Card

I’m really hoping that March’s layout will be a little easier to put together because I plan on having A TON of photos! We will actually be heading to Moab, Utah next week for Spring Break. This is the first time we will be going to Utah so we’re looking forward to a change in scenery. And yes, we’re taking the side by sides and the dogs! Fun times!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Project Life: January ’17

Hey guys! I know we’re already in mid February but I just now finished my January layout. I had a couple of set backs so far this month including laziness, multiple shows that I needed to catch up on, running out of printer ink, my birthday I was required to celebrate, all sprinkled with more laziness. But yesterday I decided to finally do some “adulting” and drove those long five miles to Best Buy to buy printer ink before I took my kid to get new clothes because for some reason he outgrows everything. I even gassed up the ol’ jeep. Talk about a busy day! So proud of myself! Thank goodness my husband didn’t want a home cooked meal!

Anyway, I shared the first page of my January layout on the Color Cast Designs January ’17 Release blog post, but you can now see the full layout.


I LOVE the pop of orange on here. This was not planned but I happened to have the orange inserts from the Kelly Purkey monthly kit subscription that I received in January. It just happened to go well with the picture of my dog, Zoie, the firewood pic, and the dead grass from the “today” photo. Who would’ve thought you could match PL inserts with dead grass? That’s pretty creative if you ask me! So obviously, since I had the first page already done, I wanted to carry over some of that orange to the second page.

I have a confession, I sucked at taking photos during this month (I think I was a little burnt out from December Daily). So much so that I had to reuse my peace sign picture again (I used the same picture for my mini album cover photo). But thankfully, the picture went well with the rest of the layout.

Here is a close up of my title for the layout, using Kellie Stamps Digital Month 2017 set.


You can see on the close up below the peace sign picture I talked about and an awesome girl power button that I used to add a little more black to this second page. The orange insert was actually a 4×6 insert that I cut down to 3×4. You can also see the “You Are Awesome” veneer and acrylic from Color Cast Designs. One of my faves!


I did a monthly recap on a plain white insert that I made that has the month and year. I wanted something simple that would go with pretty much anything because I plan on using something like this for the rest of the year. I only made one for January, but I’ll make them as I go. I’m still not 100% confidant with my handwriting so I used Becky Higgins’ Becky Script to type out my journaling. I find myself using this font A LOT! But you can find other fonts on Becky’s website that are also really good if you’re looking for that right hand written-esque look.

Here is the insert I created, it’s a 4×6 but you can cut it down to 3×4. You can right click it and save it! Yay for freebies!


I think I’ve already taken way more pictures for February so hopefully that layout will come together as well as this one did! I love when layouts come together without planning!

I hope you guys enjoyed and are having a fab Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day!

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Project Life: May ’16 (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already?!? I can’t believe we’re already towards the end of 2016. I’m already trying to plan out how I want to do my Project Life album for 2017 and I’m torn between using a 9×12 or 12×12 album. Do I want to do monthly like I did last year or go by events like I did this year? What are your plans?

Even though I’m already planning ahead, I’m still trying to finish up my album for this year and I have two new layouts to share with you. For this first layout, I tried something a little different. This layout isn’t an “event”, it’s pictures that I took during the month of May that I didn’t plan on using. These are random photos I took so I decided to print them all out and journal on some inserts from the Becky Higgins’ Happy Edition. The handwriting looks nice because it’s not mine I used the Becky Script Font. I love how the pictures and journal cards all came together. Plus, I had really been wanting to use a Design J pocket page.


For my second layout, I documented AJ’s last marathon for the school year. I fused a 6×12 pocket page to fit a 4×6 and 6×8 photo.


I added a couple of stickers from the Kellie Stamps Fri-Yay sticker set and I used inserts from the All About Me Themed Cards.


So obviously I still have a lot of catching up to do! Fingers crossed that I’ll get all of 2016 done by the end of this year!

See you guys next time!

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Project Life: May ’16 (Part 1)

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been pretty busy this month and I HATE when I go more than a week without blogging! I’m really trying to catch up on my Project Life album because I’m only up to documenting through June, and yet here I am barely blogging about my May layouts. I planned on doing a Top 5 for August and well… that just didn’t happen. But hopefully there will be one for October? I know, I know… I need to plan better and learn to manage my time better. But hey, I’m an adult that sucks at adulting.

Anywhoo… here are two new layouts I did for May of this year. May for us was all about getting settled in the new house, no more moving/packing/unpacking, inviting everybody over to see it and…. AJ’s marathons. He actually did three marathons with his school running club or “track team” as he called it. Three marathons, which meant, three Saturdays in May I did not get to sleep in.

For my first layout, I used the 6×12 and Design H pocket pages from Becky Higgins. I also used the Project 52 2016 Calendars Digital Edition and an insert from the Stampin Up Hello Lovely Digital Edition. I used the fuse tool on the 6×12 page so that AJ’s running number would fit. I also made an 8×6 backgroud for the number using the Everyday Digital Paper Pack. Yay Photoshop! Also, I added some stamping with Kellie Stamps.


So comic book/super hero inserts or kits are something I never thought I would try out but look who happened to run in a super hero themed marathon? Luckily I was able to find the Super Boy Digital Themed Cards, which were PERFECT for this layout. Plus, it’s nice to have more than one pop of color on a layout! For this layout, I used the Design H and Design I pocket pages.


Fun Tired Fun times!

Before I leave you guys for today, I COMPLETELY FORGOT to share the last of my big news, but if you follow me on instagram, you already know. I have a class available on Big Picture Classes!!! Another reason I had been so busy was because I wanted to make sure I had good content and a good layout for this class. The name of my class is Pocket Prompts | 20. If you do not have a membership to Big Picture Classes, you can sign up and get a free 2 week trial! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!

See you guys next time!

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Project Life: April ’16 (Part 4)

Hello everyone! I have more good news to share, I am now a part of the Color Cast Designs Design Team!

I am extremely excited to be a part of such a talented group of ladies and I cannot wait to start incorporating some of Color Cast Designs into my memory keeping! This year just keeps getting better and better!


With that being said, here are my last two Vegas layouts. What an awesome trip we had! I’m so happy I took all these pictures to create these layouts. The whole reason of the trip was to see George Strait and Kasey Musgraves in concert.

For this layout I used Becky Higgins Design H Pocket Pages. I also used inserts from the Confetti Digital Edition and Stampin’ Up Everyday Adventure Digital Edition. One of my favorite things to do for concert layouts is to print out the set list. You want to remember the songs you jammed out to, right? Also, if you look below, you’ll notice we scored some bad-ass seats because I was able to walk away with guitar picks from each artist, and oh yeah, George and I had a moment… not really, he just touched my hand as he walked towards the stage. It’s definitely a moment in my book!



For my second layout, I decided to do some stamping. I haven’t stamped as much as I usually do just because I’ve been lazy. Hey, it happens! I used my Kellie Stamps for the stamping and a white tag to do some journaling. I also used the 4×6 insert from the Stampin’ Up Hello Lovely Digital Edition (LOVE this kit!!!) .


Here is a before and after of the Prince picture:

I did my editing in Lightroom and then ordered a 6×12 picture from Persnickety Prints, I have been so impressed with all my pictures that I order from there!

Believe it or not I still have more happy news to share, but that will be later! I hope you guys enjoyed my layouts, see you next time!