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January ’16 Top 5

Something I started to do this year is reading, and I mean REALLY reading, blog posts. I’ve always enjoyed checking out blogs, but I would usually just skim through posts and just look at the pictures or the blog design. Now I actually sit in bed and read posts from my favorite blogs and not only do I look at the pictures but I absorb every part of the written material, I read the “about me” pages, and even read the comments and I learn bloggers writing styles. I’m very proud of what has become of The Lovely Pear yet there is so much to learn and I feel like I’m barely wetting my toes in the pool of blogging.

This month I want to share my top 5 favorite bloggers. I enjoy these blogs because they have bad-ass looking sites, I love how they write, their message, crafts, pictures, and style. Each one is unique in their own way and I have to admit that I get excited when they upload a new post!

Jan '16 Top 5

1. Give A Girl A Blog

First of all, the name itself is so clever, second, I just love Kellie’s style. Looking at Kellie’s blog page made me realize that the look of my blog was important (which I’m still trying to work on). I also enjoy reading her “currently” posts and I love her Project Life layouts and the crafts that she does. I first found this blog when I saw her stamp sets on Instagram, and after buying all the sets I could get, I’ve been hooked. Plus this girl can give you the 411 on essential oils and you get hooked up with freebies when subscribing to her blog. And, I give her full credit for the idea of my Top 5 posts!

2. Kelly Purkey

Kelly opened the door of Project Life for me. I had really never noticed how photography and journaling could play such a big role in Project Life until I saw Kelly’s layouts. She makes memory keeping look so easy but so fun. I’m still trying to get that great food shot like she does, maybe it would help if I ate something other than pizza and tacos. I love using her stamps and dies for my Project Life layouts and I always go back to her blog when I need some inspiration.

3. Damask Love

Amber’s blog is one that I really enjoy because I have that “omg, that’s how I feel!” moment when I’m done reading one of her posts. Yes, her blog is super cute, and yes, she takes GREAT pictures, but that “she gets me” feeling I get is why I read blogs in the first place. You can find great tips and DIY projects on this blog, and I obviously enjoy the “Damask Loves” posts.

4. Becky Higgins

So when I say I like to “sit back and relax”, first thing that comes to mind is Sunday mornings, sitting in bed, and reading Becky’s “Good Life With…” posts. I do this every Sunday before I start my day. I feel like I learn a new life lesson with these posts, and I enjoy learning new things from different creative people. You can also find great photo/tech tips and loads of Project Life inspiration!

5. A Beautiful Mess

I just wish I was born with Elsie and Emma’s style and creativeness! Their blog has everything, from crafts to recipes, interior design to blogging tips, and to top it off, they’re the creators of the Messy Box! They also just came out with their own app and I can’t wait to try it out (still waiting for the Android version)! Just like their style, they have very unique photos and I really enjoy reading their posts.

If you haven’t already, you really need to add these blogs to your Feedly subscriptions. My reviews seriously don’t do these blogs any justice. Let me know what you think and feel free to let me know what some of your favorite blogs are so I can add more to my feed!


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