Project Life

Project Life: February ’16 (Part One)

Hi there! Today I am sharing a couple of my February Project Life layouts. I had fun trying out new pocket pages and playing around with pictures.

For my first layout, I used Becky Higgins’ Pocket Pages H and L. Also from Becky Higgins, is the Project 52 2016 Calendars, which I’m using this year for my monthly cover photos. I took a bunch (around 60) of pictures of AJ, it was so hard to photograph this boy. We tried so many poses and different backgrounds until finally we were both just so tired of it. But, I had to give it one more try and told him to tell me about his day and he had no idea I was taking these pictures. I picked my favorites and journaled on a digital card from the High Five Kit from BH.


For my next layout, you guys know I love listing my “faves”, and I wanted to do that here but I wanted to try something new. Instead of just listing my faves, I took pictures of them. I wanted this layout to look fun and funky so I tried to incorporate my hands in as many of the pictures as I possibly could.


My “faves” this month were:

Beyonce (duh!)

Def Leppard (Two words: Love Bites, and this in no way reflects my real life, I have to throw that in there in case the hubby reads this.)

Deadpool (I love comic book movies and this is the best!)

The Bachelor (#TeamLauren)

Birthday Presents (I got two charms, and the two Harry Potter books I was missing.)

So there you have it, my first couple of pages. I’m still working on my last layout for February so be on the lookout! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


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