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April ’16 Top 5

Hey guys! I am back from what feels like a mini hiatus. April was such a blur. We have officially moved into our new house. We’re still unpacking and trying to figure out our new routines but we’re loving it! My new craft room is nowhere near ready, just FYI. But… I’m envisioning it in my head and it looks fabulous (fingers crossed it turns out that way)!

We also just got back from our Vegas trip and it was oh-so-awesome!!! The casinos, the food, the concert, the shopping…. ugh, I didn’t want it to end. But, alas, we’re back in Texas and I have some great news. I was interviewed by the sweet Jess Forster for her podcast, Pocket Talk. The episode is available now on her blog and on iTunes. I yelled in the jeep (and scared AJ) when she e-mailed me asking for an interview. She has interviewed so many of my favorite memory keepers so I could not believe I was going to be on the line-up among all these talented ladies! Please go check it out!

And now on to my April Top 5! This month I decided to go with my top 5 YouTube channels, Memory Keeping edition.

Apr Top 5


1. Julimakesthings by Juli Maniago

I love Juli’s style and I also enjoy her Instagram feed. She makes pocket page scrapbooking look super easy, especially on video!

2. Kelly Purkey by Kelly Purkey

Kelly makes it onto my top 5 yet again, but come on, she’s freaking awesome and I adore her style of memory keeping. Her videos are just as fun to watch as her layouts are.

3. Stephanie Makes by Stephanie Bryan

I love seeing someone’s layouts/spreads and thinking “how come I never thought of that?”, and that is what Stephanie does for me all the time and it’s so inspiring to be able to see her make her spreads on video.

4. Amy Tangerine by Amy Tan

Amy has some of the best videos! They’re fun and vibrant and I love how she gives us little sneak peaks of her personal life. Watching her videos seriously feels like your BFF is video chatting with you.

5. Martu Alterada by Marta Andilla

If you guys haven’t checked out Marta on YouTube (or Instagram), you’re definitely missing out! While her videos are in Spanish, you can still watch and see she’s very creative and has her own style of memory keeping.

I hope you guys check out these YouTube channels and leave some love for these ladies.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s top 5!


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