Traveler's Notebook

Traveler’s Notebook Spread 1 & 2

Hi everyone! I’m so excited for today’s post, it is my first time showing off the inside of my Traveler’s Notebook!

I have three notebook refills, one kraft (refill #014), one monthly calendar (refill #017), and one grid (refill #002. I wasn’t sure where/how to start, I didn’t know how to make it my “style” (kinda still don’t) but I just wanted to start, somewhere. I did however, know I wanted to start doing a gratitude journal, again, and I hope to show one of those spreads soon but for now, I have two spreads using the grid refills.

I ended up deciding to use my grid refill as a random journal. I want to fill it with inspiring quotes and random memories/pictures. So of course, I wanted to add a Frida Kahlo quote, which you can see below. I printed a black and white photo of her and colored in her lips and shawl with highlighters. I doodled a little on it and practiced a little bit of lettering.

My family and I recently got back from a little vacation we took to Dallas, TX. We had such a blast and I really wanted to journal about a concert we went to. I printed a couple of pictures and I went online to find the concert set list and added those to this spread. I used Studio Calico’s Mia Alpha stamp set on here, along with my new Lamy pen (insert lovey-dovey eyed emoticon here, I LOVE my Lamy pen).


And there are my first two spreads!

I am loving my notebook, I’m always looking for random things to put in it plus I love the idea of jotting down certain memories that I know I’ll forget down the line.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my quick post, hope you guys enjoyed!


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